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Calamari Capital of South Africa

Calamari Capital of South Africa


Port St Francis is a privately owned working harbour and home to over 30 commercial chokka, hake and pilchard fishing boats, a recreational harbour with smaller deep sea fishing boats and yachts, as well as a residential area.

Eat perfected cooked local calamari (chokka) and other delicious fresh seafood at our local port restaurants


Clives's Chokka Block offers a calamari tasting and demonstration of the local Chokka industry.  Booking essential.



The Quays  -  C2

On the canals, casual, family friendly. 

Good food.  Lovely location on the canals.

Breakfast, (Saturday/Sunday) lunch and supper.

Closed: Mondays and Sunday evenings.

Peri Peri (was Caffe Bijoux)  -   C3

Canal views.

Portuguese. Seafood and meat options.

Lunch and supper

Closed: Tuesdays

Big Time Taverna  -   C3

Canal views.

Greek. Seafood and meat options.

Lunch and supper

Closed: Mondays


Rambling Rose  -   V11

Breakfast and lunch.  Variety of food.

Family friendly, local favourite for breakfast and lunch.

Closes: 3pm

St Francis Brewing Co. (The Brewery)  -   V3

Locally brewed beer, casual dining, fun atmosphere.   Live music on select dates.

Local calamari.

Lunch and supper.      Closed: Tuesdays

Beach Front

Bruce’s Ocean Cafe   -   V

A local favourite!  Lovely views.  Watch the surfers.  Right on the sea/beach.   Breakfast and lunch.     A good coffee spot!   Open daily until 2pm 

Port St Francis / The Harbour

Mauro’s  -   P1                     Harbour views. 

Excellent Italian. Seafood, local calamari, meat. Lunch & supper. Closed:Tuesday

Collection from B&B: R150 per person.

Chokka Block  -   P1

Harbour views

Seafood. Local calamari.  

Lunch and supper.      Closed: Mondays

Cape St Francis

Nevermind - at the lighthouse   -   K4

Lighthouse views. Amazing location.

Breakfast, lunch, supper.  Coffee and pastries.

Tapas, seafood, local ingredients.

Open all day.   Closed: Sunday night

Coastal Collective  -   K2 


Deli / health food

Casual dining

Gill’s Groovy Scoops   -   K2

The most delicious home-made ice-cream made with select local ingredients!  No colourants or flavouring.

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